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The four teams are known

27 Apr 2018

Four days of great sport and beautiful festivities, four highly competitive teams. From August 16th to 19th, the 23rd edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup will be held on the grounds of the airfield of Gstaad-Saanen. The alpine 14-goal tournament, the highest level played on grass in Switzerland, promises to be thrilling. This year, two new teams will join the party.

The first will be the one of Faris Al Yabhouni, owner and patron of the Abu Dhabi Polo Team. In Gstaad, he will wear the colours of team Clinique La Prairie, new sponsor of the event. The Emirati has been playing at high level for more than 10 years and had a very good 2017/2018 season: finalist of the Dubai Gold Cup (18-goal tournament) he had previously won the Emirates Polo Cup and the HH President Of UAE Polo Cup. These victories already position Faris Al Yabhouni as a serious candidate in this tournament he will discover for the first time this summer.

The other new personality will be Marco Elser, president of the Arquedotto Romano Polo Club. The Italian will also quickly find his marks on the field of Gstaad, since he has already played in all corners of the world: France and Spain, but also Shanghai, Singapore, the United States and many more. In Gstaad, Marco Elser will play for team Gstaad Palace.

Loyal friends and regulars of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup, the Swiss Piero Dilier and Andy Bihrer will alternately play under the colours of watchmaker Hublot, title sponsor of the event. The other Swiss now subscribed to this tournament is none other than the titleholder, Cédric Schweri, who will once again play for team Banque Eric Sturdza, which had brought him luck last year. After five inconclusive attempts, he had finally won the coveted trophy and this year he will certainly do anything to keep it.

The tournament will once again be very competitive. It will start on Thursday, August 16th with the qualifying matches and will continue Saturday, August 18th with the semi-finals and finish on Sunday, August 19th with the big final (and the subsidiary final). On Friday, August 17th, players will ride through the streets of Gstaad for the famous parade accompanied by fanfares and carriages. The second festive highlight of the weekend will be the Gala night that will take place on Saturday evening. The exhibitor village and the games will be accessible to everyone.


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Polo Club Gstaad Contact: Solina Mobèche, +41 33 744 07 40

Cedric Schweri finally got his Hublot watch!

20 Aug 2017

Four times Cedric Schweri already tried to win the Gold Cup and the Hublot watch that goes with it. His father even said it might be easier to just buy one rather then try to win it playing the tournament. But Cedric knew the fifth time would be the right one. With his Team BANQUE ERIC STURDZA he finally won the trophy and therefore the most important summer tournament of Switzerland: The Hublot Polo Gold Cup of Gstaad.

Like most finals, today’s game was very tense. Pressure, stress, fear of loosing and like Marcos Riglos, MVP, pointed out : « The field was not easy to play on after five games. It was difficult to make the ball roll and to control it. It was not an easy polo to play, but we succeeded anyways. I am proud to have been nominated MVP but this victory truly was a team effort. I am here for the third time and it is an incredible place. The organization is perfect and the atmosphere great.”

In front of 4000 people, a rare number for European polo, the game took some time to get under its way. Multiple faults and time-outs and only 4 goals after two chukkers (2-2). With three goals, one of which by captain Cedric Schweri, BANQUE ERIC STURDZA managed to create a small gap during the third chukker but not for long as RIVA nearly closed it in the forth chukker being only one goal behind their rivals (6-5). The game was not yet settled, but in the last minutes Marcos Riglos and Nico Lopez Fuentes sealed the deal: 8-5.

Cedric Schweri could finally hold the coveted trophy, the big face of a Hublot watch: «  I am really happy because this is the result of a lot of work and a big organization. I want to thank Eric Sturdza who believed in us. It was hard. » The Swiss captain suffered from an injury during the game as a ball hit his elbow. « I applied some ice spray and could play again but it was really hurting. It was difficult to hold my mallet properly! » But the joy of victory rapidly made him forget the pain. « One thing is for sure, I will come back next year to defend my title! »

Team GSTAAD PALACE claims the third place defeating Team HUBLOT in the first game of the day. During the first three chukkers the teams were tied, but in the last chukker and within a few minutes GSTAAD PALACE scored three goals in a row, a gap HUBLOT could not fill, leaving the final score at 10-7.

Once again the tournament was a huge success and the weather had an important part in it. The sun was out every day driving a big number of people to this 22nd edition. A truly traditional tournament, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup is also one of the most beautiful ones of the European season.


BANQUE ERIC STURZA: 1/2 – 2/2 – 5/3 et 8/6

BANQUE ERIC STURZA: Cédric Schweri (SUI, Cap h0, 1 goal), Joao Novaes (BRE, h5, 3 goals), Marcos Riglos (ARG, h5, 3 goals), Nico Lopez Fuentes (ARG, h4, 3 goals)

RIVA: Mohamed el Sewedy (EGY, Cap h1), Patricio Rattaghan (ARG, h3, 1 goal), Marcelo Pascual (ARG, h6, 3 goals), Silvestre Fanelli (ARG, h4, 4 goals)

Most valuable player: Marcos Riglos (BANQUE ERIC STURZA)

Best playing poney: Sanducero, hongre argentin monté par Nico Lopez Fuentes and owned by Gery de Cloedt

Best scorers of the tournament: Eduardo Menendez (HUBLOT) et Marcos Riglos (BANQUE ERIC STURZA), 13 goals each

RIVA and BANQUE ERIC STURDZA go to the final !

19 Aug 2017

Team RIVA and Team BANQUE ERIC STURDZA will face each other tomorrow at 3 p.m. in the 22nd final of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup in Gstaad. During their first game against each other on Thursday, BANQUE ERIC STURDZA came out victorious against RIVA but the game and the score were so tight that the final on Sunday promises to be exciting.

In the first semi-final BANQUE ERIC STURDZA defeated HUBLOT in a game that turned out to be quite…vigorous. The Menendez brothers were not willing to let go easily and the contacts were often rough. But the unshakable players from Team STURDZA took charge right from the beginning thanks to two goals by Brazilian Joao Novaes and one by Argentine Marcos Riglos. With 3-0 after the first chukker, the game became a race for Team HUBLOT who managed to come close to the score a few times though never really worrying their opponents: 11-6 was the final score. Marcos Riglos confirmed his talent as score keeper making 5 goals for his team. With 10 goals since Thursday, he is the best scorer of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup so far.

In the second game, newcomers RIVA were not necessarily the front-runners as they faced Team GSTAAD PALACE who dominated HUBLOT on the first day of the tournament (13-6). Although at the beginning the teams were tied (3-3 after the first two chukkers), RIVA took off after its captain, Egyptian Mohamed El Sewedy, scored a goal followed by another one from his Argentine pillar Marcelo Pascual. The team managed to keep this gap of two goals until the very end.

After last night’s storm, the day turned out to be beautiful as the sun unexpectedly came out inviting 4000 people to come to the semi-finals. Tomorrow will be another great day with the “small” final for the third place at 1.30 p.m. and the “big” final for the trophy at 3 p.m.

Raining goals !

17 Aug 2017

Under the magnificent sun of Gstaad the visitors of the 22nd edition of the tournament saw a rain of goals : 31 ! A first day that gives a good insight of the quality and the speed of the polo played on the « cancha » of the Saanen airfield.

Even though some rough battles were fought – the umpires had to use their whistles a few times and even pulled out two yellow cards – the games were mostly a demonstration of what beautiful polo looks like. A sport of contact, skill and speed and the two first games of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup certainly ticked all those boxes.

The first game saw the team of Egyptian captain Mohamed El Sewedy wearing the green colors of team RIVA face the team of Swiss captain Cedric Schweri wearing the bordeaux colors of BANQUE ERIC STURDZA. The latter saw its player Marcos Riglos, handicap 5, shine as he scored 5 out of the 7 goals and thereby completely turning around the dynamic of the game (RIVA was leading at half-time 3-1). The Argentine, who turned 50 today, was determined to celebrate his birthday with a victory for his team BANQUE ERIC STURDZA.

The second match was even more intense. Team HUBLOT of Italian captain Gualtiero Giori (playing with his father-in-law Riccardo Tattoni) faced team GSTAAD PALACE lead by Piero Dilier and Andy Bihrer. Their team saw two of its players truly stand out today: Argentine handicap 6 Lucas Labat who proved very resourceful and his young compatriot Gonzalo Bernal who scored 5 goals, 4 of which were penalties. The game was mainly a race as Team HUBLOT was chasing after their opponents almost equalizing the score in the fourth chukker (8-9). But captain Piero Dilier and then Juani Gonzales settled the score with two goals securing their victory against HUBLOT (final score 11-9).

After this very competitive first day, the horses will rest tomorrow as the players will participate in the traditional and very popular parade through the streets of Gstaad at 4 p.m. The games will resume on Saturday at 1.30 p.m. with two semi-finals that will be as intense as today’s games, if not more.






RIVA Team has changed !

10 Aug 2017

Less than two weeks before the Hublot Polo Gold Cup starts, captain Francesco

Mitrano, who was supposed to play with Pablo and Juan Jauretche, as well as

Goffredo Cutinelli for team RIVA, had to withdraw from the tournament.

Thanks to the kindness of Mohamed El Sewedy (h1), team RIVA will still

participate in the tournament. The Egyptian patron will lead and be playing

alongside with three Argentines: Patricio Rattaghan (h3), Marcelo Pascual (h6),

Silvestre Fanelli (h4).

The horses, their grooms and the players will arrive in Gstaad at the beginning of

next week. The preparations are well underway and the whole team is ready to

welcome the spectators for this 22nd edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup.


Exciting sport and beautiful festivities in Gstaad !

26 Jul 2017

Four days of sport, glamour and entertainment in the heart of the mountains; one of the greatest events of the alpine summer season is approaching. From the 17th to the 20th of August, Gstaad is hosting the 22nd edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup. Four teams will fight for the conveyed trophy on the airport field of Gstaad-Saanen.

Wearing the colours of the Swiss watchmaker, Team Hublot will be lead by Italian Gualtiero Giori, handicap 1, who will be accompanied by his father-in-law Riccardo Tattoni. As usual, they will count on the talent of Argentine brothers Eduardo and Frankie Menendez, handicap 6 and 7, and winners in Gstaad in 2005, to hold the trophy once again.

Titleholder Team Banque Eric Sturdza will be lead by Cedric Schweri. The young businessman and restaurateur from Zurich will be playing with Brazilian Joao Novaes, handicap 5, winner of the French Open in 2010 and world vice champion the following year, as well as Argentinians Marcos Riglos, handicap 5, and Nico Lopez Fuentes, handicap 4 and who regularly plays across Europe.

Team Gstaad Palace will have two captains: Piero Dilier and Andy Bihrer. They will be playing with three Argentinian professionals: Lucas Labat, handicap 6, who already played with Piero Dilier last year, Juani Gonzalez, handicap 5, and Gonzalo Bernal, handicap 3.

This year’s new addition will be Team Riva with captain Francesco Mitrano, president of the Monte Carlo Polo Club. His teammates will be two cousins from one of Argentina’s biggest polo dynasties: Pablo and Juan Jauretche. The first has played some of the biggest tournaments worldwide; Deauville, Sotogrande and of course the Copa Camara de Disputados, the second played this year’s final of the famous Copa Republica in Argentina.

Number 4 will be one of Italy’s best players, Goffredo Cutinelli.

The festivities around the field announce themselves as exciting as the action on the field.

The highlight will of course be the Gala Night on Saturday evening. Silvan Zingg and Ladyva, two of the best boogie-woogie piano players, will open the night with their astonishing fourhanded performance. Following their success of the past editions, the soul diva Dora and her group of musicians and dancers will once again heat up the stage. A firm favourite party that will last until the early morning hours.

The other highlight certainly is the traditional Parade. On Friday, players and horses, carriages and various musicians will walk through the streets of Gstaad. An exceptional show.

The four day program is intense: qualification games on Thursday, the parade on Friday, semi-finals and Gala Night on Saturday and the small and big finals on Sunday, as well as the VIP lunches served by the Gstaad Palace and the activities around the village open to everybody. To cut a long story short, Gstaad will be the place to be for anyone looking for an unforgettable sportive, festive and social moment.


Polo on top

06 Jun 2017

It is without a doubt one of the most original tournaments of the summer season. It is at least one of the « highest » as it is played at an altitude of 1000 meters. This year, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup in Gstaad will once again welcome four teams for four days of sport, conviviality and festivities.

The famous Swiss resort of Gstaad loves horses, especially polo ponies. The Hublot Polo Gold Cup is a well-established tournament as it celebrates its 22nd edition, the 12th under the presidency of Pierre Genecand. The event has welcomed some of the most famous polo players like Marcos Heguy, winner of the mythical Argentine Open and a true legend of this sport.

This year, four 14-goal teams (this is the highest level played on grass in Switzerland) will fight for the coveted trophy on the airfield of Saanen-Gstaad surrounded by picturesque alpine scenery. The teams include eight professional Argentine players with a handicap of 5 and 6 like Pablo Jauretche (Riva), once a handicap 8 and who played the world’s biggest tournaments like Deauville, Sotogrande and of course the Argentine Copa Càmara de Disputados. Brothers Eduardo and Francisco Menendez who won the tournament in 2005 as well as Brazil’s Olavo Novaez, handicap 7 and last year’s finalist, will demonstrate their talents.

« The sport is of course the main focus of the event, explains Pierre Genecand, but in Gstaad, polo takes a whole new dimensions thanks to our prestigious sponsors who trust us since many years. Hublot, of course, who supports us since 9 years, but also Banque Eric Sturdza and Gstaad Palace who are faithful partners and Ferrari who joined us last year thanks to Garage Zénith SA. Thanks to this prestigious carmaker I was able to share from the inside their recent double success in Monaco. This year, RIVA Motorboats will also sponsor a team. The Hublot Gold Cup is a place where relationships are made and has become a major event where the pleasant and friendly atmosphere is a priority. I personally make sure of that. This year will certainly be another great moment to remember! »

Each year, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup welcomes more than 6000 guests for three days of games and festivities and the famous players parade that takes places in the streets of Gstaad on Friday.

The Hublot Gold Cup is the main event of the Swiss summer season offering sport, gastronomy (served by the team of Gstaad Palace) and lifestyle. A not-to-be-missed event from 17th to 20th of August.


Press release, Tuesday 6th of June 2017

22nd edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad – 17th to 20th of August 2017


24 Aug 2016

The welcomed sun shone down on the picturesque Gstaad-Saanen Airfield for the final day of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup, Gstaad. The clear blue skies presented the scenic views of the famous Swiss Alps, the perfect backdrop for Switzerland’s premier summer Polo Tournament. The packed crowds were treated to a gripping final which saw Shilai Liu’s Team Hublot claim the coveted trophy with a score of 6.5-6.

The sound of Ferrari engines echoed across the valley as the match ball was carried onto the pitch by Pierre Genecand, President of the event, signifying the start of the highly anticipated final between Team Hublot and Team Banque Eric Sturdza. Team Hublot put their stamp on the game early as the tournament’s highest handicapped player, Marcos Di Paola, displayed his nimble stick work to carry the ball across the line and put his team into the lead. A scintillating first chukka from Team Hublot saw them stretch ahead on the score board to 3.5-0 and give them a lead they would not want to relinquish.

Team Banque Eric Sturdza stayed hot on the heels of their opposition and as the tempo increased it was clear that this side were not going to give up on the chance to be crowned champions. Olavo Novaes’ impressive work rate was rewarded with a spectacular goal, much to the delight of the guests who were keen to witness a tightly contested final.

In the opening minute of the third chukka Team Banque Eric Sturdza stepped up a gear creating some notable chances. Nico Lopez Fuentes showed off his enviable skills to score a breath-taking goal and put his side back in contention. In the final moments of the third chukka Team Banque Eric Sturdza were awarded a 30-yard penalty, Brazil’s Olavo Novaes stepped up to the spot, and as tension grew among the spectators, Novaes looked as a cool as ice hitting the ball neatly through the posts to put his side in front for the first time in the game. Another goal in the fourth chukka pushed Team Banque Eric Sturdza even further ahead but Team Hublot responded fast as Marcos Di Paola scored two goals in quick succession to take back the lead with less than one minute left on the clock. There was no time for Team Banque Eric Sturdza to fight back and in a nail biting finish Team Hublot were victorious with a final score 6.5-6.


Earlier in the day the pressure on the pitch ramped up, as home favourites Team Gstaad Palace faced Team Polo Friends in the runner-up final on the hallowed turf. Despite both teams creating numerous chances it looked like neither would be able to convert in the first chukka, however in the final seconds an impressive interception allowed Octavio Olmedo Guerra to put Team Polo Friends into an early lead. The attacking play of the match undoubtedly came from Guerra who independently charged up the field, outpacing his rivals with immense power to smoothly steer the ball through the posts and extend Team Polo Friends lead to 3-2 as they headed into the third chukka.

Once again the crowds were treated to a drama filled final chukka, both teams constantly jostled for possession of the ball, displaying their tenacity and passion. With one-minute left on the clock Team Gstaad Palace edged closer to victory as Felipe Llorente added to his tally to take them into the lead, but a converted penalty from Guerra allowed Team Polo Friends to draw level with only 45 seconds left to be played. The atmosphere was tense as the teams headed into a sudden death fifth chukka and it was Team Gstaad Palace who had the edge with a golden goal from Juan Pepa allowing them to claim a narrow 7-6 victory.


Fly7 treated guests to two world-class air displays featuring the Sky Dance Air Show Team. The crowds gasped as the Swift-S1 glider plane produced breath-taking acrobatic moves, elegantly shooting across the sky in spectacular fashion.

In between matches the spectators were able to take a breather from the polo and browse the luxury shopping village which featured luxury stands including My Style Bags, Hotspring Spas and for those with a sweet tooth, the Du Rhone Chocolatier.

Throughout the day kids enjoyed a variety of activities including the petting zoo, bouncing castles and tightrope walking.

This year’s Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad saw record crowds in attendance. With three-days of action packed polo including two sudden death chukkas, it was one of the most closely fought tournaments in the history of the event. Keep up-to-date with all the information ahead of next year’s event at

Most Valuable Player:

Nico Lopez Fuentes (Team Banque Eric Sturdza)

Top Goal Scorer:

Marcos Di Paola with 15 goals (Team Hublot)

Best Playing Pony:

Cocinera (Team Hublot)


Team Hublot, Shilai Liu: “The other team were strong, we did not expect to win today. Just like yesterday we were able to win in the last seconds. I am so proud of my team, they all played super today.


21 Aug 2016

Saturday 20 August 2016

The 21st edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup opened its gates on Thursday 18th August, as crowds from across the globe descended upon the Gstaad-Saanen airfield to witness what is promised to be a thrilling weekend of Polo.

This year welcome’s not only new teams, but also an enhanced VIP experience. The new lay-out includes extended decking, increased space in the fine dining area and the VIP car park which allows guests to park just metres away from the tent along with the Ferrari car park dedicated for the Ferrari car owners. The exhibition village walk way has also been extended so that all guests are able to walk undercover should the rain make an appearance.


Team Polo Friends, new to the tournament this year, showed they are a force to be reckoned in the opening game, securing a mammoth 11-4 victory over Team Banque Eric Sturdza. Juan Jose Storni dazzled on the pitch with his intricate skills, scoring a hat-trick to put his team into an unbeatable position. Team Banque Eric Sturdza fought valiantly but were unable to catch up with the opposition and had to settle for a loss.

The second match of the day was a much closer battle as home favourites, Team Gstaad Palace, took on Team Hublot, the first-ever Chinese Team to compete at the tournament, and narrowly claimed a win with a score of 6-4 ½. Despite some outstanding defence from Marcos di Paola, the formidable pairing of Patrizio Cieza and Juan Pepa were unstoppable, showing off their aesthetic skills to keep Team Gstaad Palace ahead throughout the duration game.


The Hublot Polo Gold Cup, would not be complete without the traditional parade through the picturesque village of Gstaad, held on Friday. Surrounded by the theme of red and gold flooding the cobbled streets to welcome the new Chinese Team, spectators enjoyed the glorious sun that beamed down as they waited for the parade to begin.

The deep tones of the traditional Swiss Cow Bells marked the start of the proceedings, followed by the echoes of the rhythm drums and the roaring of the Ferrari engines, paving the way for the players. Team Hublot, led by the Captain Shilai Liu, owner of the Tang Polo Club in Beijing, were first to appear on their, dressed in kit from head to toe. The Chinese flags were waving amongst the onlookers to welcome him and his team to the tournament for the first time. As the rest of the teams followed, along with the flawless marching band, sweets and biscuits were thrown to the public, much to the enjoyment of the kids who scrambled to claim their prize.


The rain only made a brief appearance as record crowds from across the globe arrived for the penultimate day of the tournament. The Ferrari engines thundered onto the pitch, as Pierre Genecand, President of the event, presented the match ball in true glamourous style to mark the start of the first semi-final.

Team Gstaad Palace, winners in 2013, emerged on the pitch first to take on Team Banque Eric Sturdza. With the rivalries clear for all to see, the opening chukka was played in a fierce and fast fashion. It was Team Banque Eric Sturdza’s, Olavo Novaes, who engineered his side into an early lead with a spectacular aerial shot in front of the posts. The Argentinian pairing of Llorente and Cieza combined superbly and a long pass from Cieza enabled Llorente to flick the ball across the line and level the score to 1-1 heading into the second half of the match. The battle was on.

Despite Team Gstaad Palace’s best efforts, Team Banque Eric Sturdza dominated the final two chukkas and could not be caught claiming their spot in the final with a final score 7-4.

Team Hublot came out in full-force to take on Team Polo Friends in the second semi-final of the day. The game was adrenaline fuelled from the outset but it was Team Hublot that raced ahead in the first chukka with Antonino Menard scoring from an acute angle to give them a 2-0 lead. Thursday’s star player, Juan Jose Storni, once again showed off his trickery and intricate skills and was rewarded with a goal to close the gap on their rivals.

Spectators were treated to a dramatic final chukka as Team Polo Friends looked as though they were on the verge of an epic come back with the unrivalled pairing of Guerra and Labat adding two goals to their tally to take the score to 6-5. At full time scores were level at 7-7 resulting in a nail biting fifth sudden death chukka to be played. In just three seconds the hero was Marcos di Paola as he fired the ball up the pitch and volleyed it through the posts to clinch Team Hublot’s place in tomorrow’s final.

Tomorrow’s highly anticipated final between Team Banque Eric Sturdza and Team Hublot begins at 15:00, with the subsidiary final between Team Gstaad Palace and Team Polo Friends starting at 13:30. Entry is free and doors open at 11am.


Team Banque Eric Sturdza, Cedric Schweri: “Into the final for the first time in four years, we are delighted. The team is gelling so well, we didn’t expect to win today, especially with a completely new team but it has paid off.”

Team Hublot, Shilai Liu: “That was a tough game, the Team Polo Friends played very well. The game was tight, but we were lucky to score the golden goal fast, giving us the chance to play the final. Will try our best tomorrow to win.”

Gstaad prepares for Polo and dresses in the colours of China!

18 Aug 2016

This year’s tournament, taking place on the Gstaad-Saanen airport field from 18-21 August, is set to bring a brand new experience for spectators, as for the first time ever the event welcomes a team from China. The beautiful grounds of the airfield will not only be transformed into the hallowed polo pitch but will also follow a red and gold colour theme to honour the Middle Kingdom. Off the pitch the village will be joining in with the spirit of the tournament continuing with a full red and gold colour renovation.

Team Hublot will be led by Mr Shilai Liu, owner of the Tang Polo Club in Beijing, who has accepted Pierre Genecand’s invitation to play in the Swiss Prealps. The team will face stiff competition from Team Gstaad Palace, led by Juan Pepa (ARG), Team Banque Eric Sturdza, led by Cedric Schweri (SUI), and finally ‘Team Polo Friends’, led by co-captains Piero Dillier (SUI) and Andy Bihrer (SUI).

The teams include an array of world-class players to ensure that spectators are treated to an impressive display of skills and fiercely competitive matches. Polo Club Gstaad is thrilled to be welcoming two of the world’s top players, Marcos di Paola (ARG) playing for Team Hublot with an impressive handicap of 8, and Olavo Novaes (BRA) with a handicap of 7 playing for Team Banque Eric Sturdza. Team Gstaad Palace includes an even spread with all 4 players bearing a handicap from 2 to 5. Finally, the spectators’ interest for Team Polo Friends will be the two Captains, Bihrer and Dillier, showing off their intricate skills in action.
The festivities begin on Thursday 18th August at 11:00 with the official polo village opening and the action on pitch getting underway with the first two matches of the tournament being played. The spectacular Grand parade will take place on Gstaad Promenade on Friday 19th August at 16:00, the streets will be flooded with players and their horses, officials in carefully decorated horses-carriages and marching bands. On Saturday 20th August matches will resume at 13:30 where the horse and rider combinations will battle through the semi-final matches vying for a place in the prestigious final. In order to celebrate the venue with their guests from China, the VIP tent will be dressed with Chinese decorations and Gstaad Palace will serve Chinese specialities throughout the event, including the highly anticipated Polo Night on Saturday evening. On Sunday 21st August, the unmissable Final matches will start at 13:30 which will see one team crowned the winners of the respected trophy.
Aside from the world-class polo, guests are treated to entertainment off the pitch too, with a fantastic glider air show presented by Fly 7 ahead of the matches on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st of August 2016 at 13:00.
The Polo Tournament is open to the public and is free of charge. Children will not be forgotten and will enjoy a special child care facility, the “Kinder-Paradise” offering lots of fun activities on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, from 11am until 5.30pm. To celebrate the new partnerships with Garage Zénith S.A., Ferrari Official Dealer, a special VVIP parking will be organised for those wanting the VIP experience for their Ferrari cars.
The event is honoured to count on the renewed support of Hublot, Gstaad Palace, and Banque Eric Sturdza SA, some of the most renowned brands in their field.