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Polo at the Summit!

04 Jul 2024
The Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is a tournament like no other. An unparalleled setting, on this exceptional field alongside the runway of Gstaad-Saanen Airport at 1100 m, a majestic stage of greenery nestled in the alpine mountains showcases the world’s oldest team sport. In Gstaad, polo takes on a whole new dimension.
© R&B Presse – Pascal Renauldon
This prestigious tournament attracts the interest of many team captains, but places are limited, as the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad has its own unique format: four days, including a rest day (devoted to the traditional parade through the village), four matches determine the finalists. The demand is high, but spots are exclusive, as there are only four. This year, the four elected captains – including a woman for the first time in Gstaad, the Frenchwoman Françoise Okala – come from three different nations, Germany, Switzerland and France. In total, the sixteen players will represent six nations, with professionals from Argentina, Italy and the UK: it couldn’t be more cosmopolitan with this minimum number of four teams. Gstaad charms us!
“Be part of it”
The captains and their professionals love Gstaad, not only for the quality of sport, but the hospitality and lifestyle that completes the experience, with festive evenings including the prestigious gala under the immense, elegantly decorated Barnum tent on the edge of the field. It is an evening open to all who wish to join, as are the two VIP lunches on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th, just follow the QR-Code below. After all, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is a celebration to be shared.

The Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad: sophistication, sport, and elegance

15 May 2024

The Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is a special time in the international polo calendar, an enchanted interlude on the world circuit. A unique world of intense competition and glamour in the heart of the magnificent Swiss Alps. At an altitude of 1,100 meters, in the unusual setting of the Gstaad/Saanen airport, this unique event promises four extraordinary days dedicated to the world’s oldest team sport.

Much more than a tournament, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is a unique sporting event and a celebration of equestrian excellence and luxury. The number of teams wanting to take part in the tournament increases every year, making it a daunting task for the organizers to select those who will be lucky enough to set foot on this very special field.
This year, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad will welcome a new team: first of all, a new partner, the prestigious private bank J. SAFRA SARASIN, whose French captain Françoise Okala will be playing in Gstaad for the first time together with the Argentine Fanelli brothers as well as Horacio Fernández Llorente.
The GSTAAD PALACE will be represented this year by two Swiss brothers, Fabio and Luca Meier, who have often shone in Gstaad: will this be the year? Chances are good as they team up with Argentine brothers Adrian and Raul Laplacette. The latter, who has already won the Hublot Polo Gold Cup twice, knows this particular terrain like the back of his hand.
But the battle will be fierce. Swiss captains Philipp Müller and Cedric Schweri have opted for an all-British squad for their KIELDER AGRO GROUP team, including the formidable Max Charlton, a very fast and responsive player with his English horses. Charlton is an all-round player who shone on the snow in Saint-Moritz and has a handicap of 10 in arena polo! But he is just as impressive on grass: last year he won the traditional Westchester Cup in Wellington (USA), a high-goal match between Great Britain and the United States.
The team of title sponsor HUBLOT and German captain Jürgen Schröder, who was a finalist last year, will also be supported by a sibling pair – there will be four in total at this tournament – brothers Pedro and Manuel Fernández Llorente. The final will be broadcast on Pololine TV and there will be free access for the public, with children’s play areas and catering.
A VIP experience
The Hublot Polo Gold Cup is not only a top-class sporting event, but also an exceptional experience on the sidelines with a VIP village (open to the public), exhibitors offering exclusive luxury products, the latest models from Aston Martin, as well as the latest model from Dassault Aviation, which will be exhibiting its brand new Falcon 6X at the airport, Albinati Aeronautics, Barnes… and of course Hublot, which will be presenting its new collections.
Celebrate the sport, its conviviality and its festive atmosphere in VIP style, with elegant lunches and refined cuisine prepared by the chefs of the Gstaad Palace, as well as a sumptuous gala dinner with entertainment from the band Dora on Stage.
All you have to do is book your place for this unforgettable experience at, because the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is much more than just a tournament – it is an event not to be missed for lovers of refinement and thrills.


20 Aug 2023
Polo is a team sport. Wearing the colors of Gstaad, Sébastien Le Page and his Argentinian accomplices are the clear proof. On Sunday afternoon they mastered perfectly their game on this very special polo field of the Saanen airport allowing them to win the Hublot Polo Gold Cup for the second year running.
In Gstaad colors, Sébastien Le Page and his Argentinian teammates win the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad for the second time © Der Rote Drache / K.Gralla
Martincito Aguerre’s genius was not enough today. Indeed, Raul Laplacette’s teamplay proved unbeatable. Despite once again scoring eleven goals (that’s Team Gstaad’s daily rate since last Thursday!), it was also the fierce defense of the defending champions that made the difference. The Hublot players were never able to find a way through their opponents’ defensive wall. And if they did, Raul Laplacette was there to calmly steal the ball from the impudent attacker. Freeing up space, the men from Gstaad could quietly move forward and score on the other side. The only solution for Martin Aguerre Jr. was to try his luck from far, far away. He succeeded twice and scored his other three goals from penalties. Five goals was all the team could score today.
Most valuable player of the final, top scorer of the tournament with 17 goals, Argentina’s Raul Laplacette is definitely in his backyard on the Gstaad airport pitch © R&B Presse / P.Renauldon

Second title in two years: the polo field at Saanen airport is now the backyard of Raul Laplacette, most valuable player of the final and top scorer of the tournament with 17 goals: “On this kind of field, you have to move forward with the ball, attack, attack, attack, and keep attacking. As it is a smaller field than usual, you always have to try and get close to the goal to have a chance of scoring. In any case, that was our tactic. But it was also thanks to our organization that we were able to succeed: good players and fast horses. These are essential to play good polo.”

A Swiss organization set up at the Polo Park Zurich by team captain Sébastien Le Page. “This second victory is all the more pleasing because it’s practically the same team than last year, which proves that the organization is working very well,” rejoices Le Page. It’s a real pleasure because we’ve been working on it all year round for several years. So I’m both very tired and very happy. I’m going to be able to savour this victory and drink some champagne, because I’ve not been been drinking for the last two weeks.” The French captain also paid tribute to his star player: “Raul is incredible, he controls the game so much that it seems like he’s doing nothing, when in fact he’s everywhere and scoring an incredible number of goals. I think he’s one of the best players on the planet.”  For sure, on the Gstaad field, he could be a 10-goaler!

The match for third place was much tighter, with Kielder Agro Group taking their first win of the tournament thanks to two fiery opening chukkers: 5-0, an advantage they maintained by battling hard right to the end: only one goal scored in the last two periods, while Gstaad Palace scored five in their turn. Final score: 6-5.

This 26th edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup met with unanimous approval this year, with a perfectly tested and relaxed organization, technically accomplished with an excellent field, a very friendly reception and, above all, particular attention paid to the well-being of the horses, well-looked-after by the new refereeing rules, who, despite the weather, appeared to be in particularly good condition and happy to play.

Before the grand final of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup, Argentina’s Francisco Menendez (2 goals) helped Kielder Agro Group to third place © R&B Presse / P.Renauldon
Teams and progressions :


Team GSTAAD: Sébastien Le Page (hcp 0), Facundo Kelly (hcp 4, 2 goals), Francisco Fucci (hcp 4, 2 goals), Raul Laplacette (hcp 6, 7 goals)

Team HUBLOT: Jürgen Schröder (hcp 0), Juan Correa (hcp 3), Matias Gonzalez (hcp 4), Martin Aguerre Jr. (hcp 7, 5 goals) 

Progression GSTAAD: 3/1 – 6/2 – 7/3 – 11/5


Team KIELDER AGRO GROUP: Cedric Schweri (hcp 0), Joao Novaes (hcp 5, 4 goals), Tomi Astelarra (hcp 3), Francisco Menendez (hcp 6, 2 goals)

Team GSTAAD PALACE: Peter Cromm (hcp 0), Pedro Fernandez Llorente (hcp 5, 2 goals), Teo von Neufforge (hcp 5), Segundo Condesse (hcp 4, 3 goals) 

Progression KIELDER: 4/0 – 5/0 – 5/2 – 6/5

MVP: Raul Laplacette

BPP: Tintin, 8-year-old gelding, dark bay born in Argentina (by Cuarteto  – a son of the famous Cuartetera – and Pollilla), played by Raul Laplacette.  



19 Aug 2023
Two very heated semi-finals, not only because of the generous Alpine sunshine, but also because of the intensity of the two games played in front of an even bigger crowd than last Thursday. These semi-finals have delivered their verdict: the final of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup 2023 will see the Hublot and Gstaad teams go head-to-head.

At the start of the afternoon, the defending champions once again proved that the phenomenal Raul Laplacette, scorer of another 5 goals today, is at the heart of a perfectly oiled team. The understanding between the Argentinian pillar and his two sidekicks Francisco Fucci and Facundo Kelly was more than perfect. Powerful teamwork that got the better of Kielder Agro Group, who held on for two chukkers before being outflanked in the third period by Gstaad.

Team Gstaad will now meet Team Hublot in the final. Although on Thursday, when the two teams already met, the players of Frenchman Sébastien Le Page (Gstaad) got the better of the quartet formed by German captain Jürgen Schröder (Hublot), this in no way predicts what the final will be like (Sunday at 3 p.m.). This time, the stakes and the context will be completely different. Playing for the first time here, Martincito Aguerre discovered this particular field only on Thursday. Now he knows how to handle it. After analyzing the game of his direct opponent, Raul Laplacette, who gave him a rough time on Thursday, he is more confident for Sunday. “Raul is my kind of opponent, confirms the Argentine 7-goaler. Our team didn’t know each other very well, some of the horses were new and, above all, the field is new. It’s a different kind of polo, closer to rugby (laughs). The aim was to have fun, have a good time, and what’s more, we­­’re in the final! This place is extraordinary – I’ve never seen anything like it!

His captain, Jürgen Shröder, is also discovering this very special tournament, and made no secret of his delight at finding himself in the final with a team assembled in just a few weeks: “Of all the tournaments I’ve seen, for me this is the best in Europe, if not the world. I don’t see how it could get any better. Great sport, a beautiful event, I’m delighted. Today’s game was very intense, with everyone playing for a place in the final. Everyone was on fire and the players gave it their all. It was very tense, and at times a little heated too.”

Will Martin Aguerre and his teammates find the key to success against a tested opponent where the players know each other inside out and are particularly motivated to retain their title? “First of all, we want to savor this victory, tempers the Argentinian. Tomorrow, we’ll be facing the best team, the defending champions. Rauli is a very good player, and here he’s particularly strong, he knows how to play on this field that he knows by heart. His team is very good, it’s a good organization and to succeed in polo, you always need a good organization”.

Has Hublot’s young organization acquired enough reflexes in two days to stand up to Gstaad’s seasoned team? The answer on Sunday afternoon at 3.00 pm.

Before that, the game for the third place will pit Kielder Agro Group against Gstaad Palace at 13:30 p.m.


17 Aug 2023

Ideal conditions, a perfect field, glorious sunshine and an already big crowd for the opening day of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup 2023. Two games with a completely different feel. The first match between Gstaad and Hublot was a Raul Laplacette festival, while the second match was an exciting neck-and-neck affair between the reds of Gstaad Palace and the greens of Kielder Agro Group.

Raul Laplacette and his team mates left Gstaad in 2022 with a clear victory in the final. This afternoon, the Argentinian cornerstone seemed to be back in his own garden on the beautiful grass of Gstaad-Saanen airport. He was everywhere: unstoppable in defense, stealing every ball from anyone who wanted to dribble, even from 7-goaler Martin Aguerre Jr., defending his goal with ruthless backs and, above all, scoring five goals, including a backhand golazo from an impossible angle the likes of which can only be seen in Palermo… and in Gstaad! But there is no good player without a good team, and Laplacette is admirably helped by his Argentinian team mates Francisco Fucci and Facundo Kelly. A team that has been “running” together for some time, and that is what made the difference in this first game.

It wasn’t until the last seven seconds and a 60-yard penalty goal from Argentina’s Pedro Fernandez Llorente that the winner of the very tight second game was decided: Gstaad Palace. Yet their opponents, Kielder Agro Group, were quite competitive as well with captain Cedric Schweri from Switzerland being particularly brilliant, scoring two goals and making numerous decisive defensive moves. Segundo Condesse’s golazo also stood out, escaping from one end of the field to the other yet keeping his cool in front of goal.

Tomorrow, players and horses will be at rest. Well, not quite, because they will be out and about in the streets of Gstaad for the traditional, colorful team parade starting at 4 p.m. A moment when polo meets Swiss traditions in a good-natured atmosphere.

The semi-finals on Saturday will pit Gstaad against Kielder Agro Group (1:30 p.m.) and Gstaad Palace against Hublot (3:00 p.m.).

Teams and progressions :


Team HUBLOT: Jürgen Schröder (hcp 0), Matias Gonzalez (hcp 4), Martin Aguerre Jr. (hcp 7, 4 goals of which 3 penalities)

Team GSTAAD: Sébastien Le Page (hcp 0), Facundo Kelly (hcp 4, 2 goals), Francisco Fucci (hcp 4, 4 goals), Raul Laplacette (hcp 6, 5 goals of which 1 penalty)

Progression GSTAAD: 4/0 – 6/2 – 7/4 – 11/4

MVP R&B Presse : Raul Laplacette


Team GSTAAD PALACE: Peter Cromm (hcp 0), Segundo Condesse (hcp 4, 5 goals), Teo von Neufforge (hcp 5), Pedro Fernandez Llorente (hcp 5, 3 goals of which 2 penalities)

Team KIELDER AGRO GROUP: Cedric Schweri (hcp 0, 2 goals), Joao Novaes (hcp 5, 3 goals), Tomi Astelarra (hcp 3, 2 goals), Francisco Menendez (hcp 6)

 Progression GSTAAD PALACE: 2/3 – 4/5 – 6/5 – 8/7

Gardeners prepare the field for the prestigious "altitude" tournament

25 Jul 2023

Preparing a polo field is an art in itself: it must be supple, but not too soft, and react well enough to allow the horses to stop and turn quickly in complete safety. Since last spring – as they do every spring – the “gardeners” of Pierre Genecand’s team have been working hard to ensure that the green carpet will be perfect for the launch on August 17th.

Four teams will be competing for this prestigious trophy, and the tournament promises to be as surprising as it will be exciting (see the composition of the teams via the link and an interview with the headliner of this 2023 edition, Martin Aguerre Jr. in the linked press kit).

Four days of sport and glamour: three days of competition and one (Friday at 4:00 p.m.) dedicated to the spectacular team parade through the streets of Gstaad. Access to the games at the Gstaad/Saanen airport is free of charge, and everything is arranged to welcome families in the best possible conditions: catering, children’s play areas and access to the impressive exhibitors’ village.

Please note: Gstaad Palace team changes:


Peter CROMM – ALL – hcp. 0 (CAP)

Pedro F. LLORENTE – ARG hcp. 5

Teo von NEUFORGE – ALL – hcp. 5

Segundo CONDESSE – ARG – hcp. 4

There is also the opportunity to enjoy the indulgence of the lunch or the gala evening under the prestigious VIP tent. A privileged and gastronomic moment presented by Gstaad Palace:


06 Jun 2023

The 2023 edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad, from August 17th to 20th, promises to be highly competitive… as usual! Four teams with two captains from Germany, one from Switzerland and one from France (the defending champion), and three other nations will be represented: England, Brazil and, of course, Argentina, headlined by Martin Aguerre Jr, winner of the prestigious Copa Càmara in Argentina.


It’s in the colors of HUBLOT that ‘Martincito’ Aguerre, handicap 7, will discover the very special polo field at Saanen-Gstaad airport for the first time in his career. A valuable asset for German captain Jürgen Schröder. Martin Aguerre Jr. is a player who essentially “grew up” in France, at the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly.  His father, Martin, was a pillar of the Chantilly-based Swiss team, Marquard Media, and played in Gstaad. Martin Jr. took over naturally, while his father has become a renowned referee who can be seen judging the biggest matches, such as those of the Argentine Open. This Abierto, which Martincito’s uncle Mariano won twelve times with three different teams, including La Dolfina. Enough of a reference to underline the fact that we’re dealing here with one of the great families of Argentine polo… and therefore of international polo.

Former winner of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad in 2018, Swiss businessman Cedric Schweri returns this year in the green colors of KIELDER AGRO GROUP, still counting on Brazilian World Champion Joao Novaes. The Gstaad public knows and appreciates his spectacular, forward-moving game. In top form, he is capable of turning around the game. Last year, KIELDER AGRO GROUP was a finalist with a different team: will Cedric Schweri’s new line-up offer him a chance for revenge?

The other German captain, Peter Cromm, will be counting on British player Max Charlton to lead GSTAAD PALACE to victory. Max Charlton is vivid player with his horses from England. Charlton is an all-round player, having shone on the snow in St. Moritz and is handicap 10 in Arena Polo! But he’s just as daunting on grass: he more or less won all UK medium goal cups like the Queen Mother’s Cup (15-goal) and he recently won the traditional Westchester Cup in Wellington (USA), a high-goal match between the United Kingdom and the United States, but

Last, but not least, title-holder Sébastien Le Page of France, seduced by Raul Laplacette’s play and efficiency at the last edition where he promised to return with the Argentinian this year: “Raul? He’s the quiet force! Yes, you get the impression that he’s in slow motion all the time, but in fact he’s always on the ball. This is the first time I’ve played with him, but it won’t be the last.” It’s true that the Argentinian moves around the field with ease, giving the impression of being in several places at once and regularly sending long, decisive passes to his team-mates. A crucial player capable of bringing a second title to Lepage and a first to the new colors of Team GSTAAD.

For four days, the lawn bordering the airport’s runway will be transformed into a competition field to which all eyes in the polo world will turn. But this sport is not just for the initiated: it’s spectacular, easy to follow and fascinating. The beauty of the horses amazes, the skill of the players is jaw dropping. And it doesn’t take long for the public to take up the cause of one of the four teams battling it out on the field. Six games in all, two each day, on Thursday 17th, Saturday 19th and the finals on Sunday 20th. Friday the 18th is dedicated to the traditional and picturesque team parade through the streets of Gstaad.

After the games, life doesn’t stop: you can visit the village with its magnificent stalls, eat and drink, meet the players and a huge playground awaits the children.

From August 17th, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is sure to be the Alpine event not to be missed.

Polo like nowhere else!

02 May 2023
It is without doubt the most original polo tournament in the world, played on an atypical field at an altitude of 1100 meters in a magnificent green setting: the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is back at the Saanen airport from August 17th to 20th for four glamorous days dedicated to the oldest of team sports. But this event is much more than just a polo tournament.

Located in the beautiful resort town of Gstaad, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is the most unique of polo tournaments, played against a stunning backdrop of alpine peaks and lush greenery on the edge of the runway of the high-altitude Saanen airport, which comes to a standstill during the games. But more than that, it is a celebration of sport and high-level polo, where the best players in the world compete for this coveted trophy of the international circuit.
© R&B Presse/Pascal Renauldon

But what makes the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad decidedly different is the overall experience it offers. In addition to high-level polo, there is a VIP village and exhibitors offering unique luxury products, as well as a food court for the public and a playground for children. This year, the space will also host a prestigious exhibition curated by the Adrienne Desbiolles-Syz Gallery of Zurich, with a large number of sculptures by Richard Orlinski, and the presentation of the latest models of the prestigious Aston Martin car brand. All this in the special atmosphere this event is known for.

The Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is also a gourmet event with haute cuisine offered by the Gstaad Palace. The huge tent located right next to the field can accommodate some five hundred guests during two lunches and a grandiose gala dinner with presentation of the teams and crazy dances led, as every year, by the music of the famous Dora on Stage until dawn on Sunday morning!

© Der Rote Drache/Kathrin Gralla

On the sports side, three captains, one Swiss and two Germans, Cedric Schweri CH, Peter Cromm ALL and Jürgen Schröder ALL, will try to succeed the Frenchman from Zurich, Sébastien Le Page, who will of course be there to defend his title. The teams will notably wear the colors of HUBLOT, GSTAAD PALACE and KIELDER AGRO GROUP.

Polo is a demanding sport that requires players to have both athletic and equestrian skills. However, the true hero of the sport is the horse. Bred and selected for over a century, these equine athletes are the crucial partners of their riders. Endowed with a keen intelligence and a remarkable speed of mind, they are also very endearing. Able to respond to their rider’s every move and even anticipate their needs, these gentle animals can become true warriors. Their strength, agility and courage are legendary, making them irresistible to all sports lovers. Coming mainly from Argentina, these horses adapt to all conditions, even the most extreme, such as the 1100 meter altitude of the highest summer tournament in the world.

The competition is played over three days: qualifiers on Thursday, semi-finals on Saturday and finals on Sunday. Beyond the sport, the atmosphere is distinctly welcoming, with picturesque animations such as the parade of the teams in the streets of Gstaad on Friday. It is a magical way to experience high-level polo in a unique alpine setting on the international circuit. While the polo is the highlight of the event, it is the entire Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad experience that makes this event a must-see destination for lovers of sport and beauty.

Clinique La Prairie wins the 25th Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad

21 Aug 2022

After two years of absence, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad made a magnificent return with a sensational final that decided its winner only in the last seconds. A breathtaking game that saw Clinique La Prairie win this 25th edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup, the highest summer tournament in Switzerland, and with it, four watches offered by the Swiss watchmaker.

Clinique La Prairie won on the wire, 9 to 7 ½, thanks to an imperial Raul Laplacette who made sure his team remained calm and concentrated in the crucial final minutes when the game could still go either way. Sébastien Le Page, the captain of Clinique La Prairie, was indeed worried: “I must admit that at the end of the third chukker, I told myself that we were going to miss this final, but we woke up for the last chukker.” Playing for the first time in Gstaad, the French captain and boss of the Swiss club Polo Park Zurich, wanted to prepare well with a specific method … sobriety: “It’s the first time I play this level, I haven’t been drinking for the last three weeks so tonight it will be full-on champagne!” Talking about the game, Le Page has an explanation of what made the odds turn in their favor: “This final could have gone either way, but I felt that Kielder Agro started to put pressure on themselves in the last chukker, I felt them more nervous and that’s maybe what made the difference. The fact that they could not play with Bautista Beguerie (injured yesterday, broke his arm in the semi-final, ed.), must have disturbed them too, it must have certainly changed their strategy.” Clinique La Prairie‘s strategy was clearly based on calmness, especially that of its pillar, Argentine Laplacette: “Raul? He’s the quiet force! It seems like he’s in slow motion all the time, but he’s actually always on the ball. This is the first time I’ve played with him, but it’s definitely not the last,” said the French captain. But they could also count on Lucas Labat’s experience as he already won this tournament in 2019 wearing the same colors!

The small final, the one for third place, allowed the Hublot team to leave Gstaad with a victory over the solid Gstaad Palace team. A game that was very balanced and pleasant to watch, one goal being immediately countered with another, a duel between Argentines Pedro Fernandez-Llorente in purple and Dario Musso in red, the latter missing a 40-yard penalty in the last 30 seconds that would have allowed them to battle it out in overtime. A beautiful victory for Hublot much to the delight of its captain Henry Fielding Elser, at 16 years the youngest player to ever be in this tournament.

 It was a pleasure to be back at the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad, which reunited with its public, packed at the edge of the field and captivated by the intensity of these finals. No doubt that they will come back next year, when the Saanen airfield will once again be the scene of highly competitive polo in the heart of the mountains from August 17 to 20 2023.

MVP: Raul Laplacette

Best amateur player: Luca Meier

Top scorer of the tournament: Raul Laplacette (15 goals)

BBP: Blanquita (ridden by Ezequiel Martinez-Ferrario in the 1st and 3rd chukker) by Dolfina Cuarteto (Cuartetera) and Blanquita, 8-year-old grey mare

Best groom: Claudio Marquez (team Gstaad Palace)


Teams and progression 


Team Clinique La Prairie: Sébastien Le Page (h0); Facundo Kelly (h3), 1 goal; Lucas Labat (h5); Raul Laplacette (h6), 8 goals

Team Kielder Agro: Luca Meier (h1), 2 goals; Fabian Bolantario (h4); Ezequiel Martinez-Ferrario (h7), 5 goals; Fabio Meier (h1)

Progression Clinique La Prairie : (advantage ½ goal for Kielder) 3/3½ – 6/5½ – 6/7½ et 9/7½

Subsidary final:

Team Hublot: Henry Fielding Elser (h0); Teo von Neufforge (h5), 1 goal; Goffredo Cutinelli-Rendina (h3); Pedro Fernandez Llorente (h5), 4 goals

Team Gstaad Palace: Cedric Schweri (h0); Tomi Astelarra (h3), 1 goal; Joao Novaes (h5); Dario Musso (h5), 3 goals 

Progression Hublot: 2/1 – 3/2 – 4/3 et 5/4

Two undefeated finalist!

20 Aug 2022


After intense rain all morning, the teams finally played in the dry, under a radiant sun even, and in the dream setting of the Gstaad mountains on a field in excellent condition. Two intense and competitive games and for a good reason: it was the semi-finals of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup. In the end, the two winners of Thursday’s games came out on top once again and will face each other in Sunday’s final: Clinique La Prairie and Kielder Agro Uruguay.

The first semi-final between Hublot and Clinique La Prairie was easily won by the team in white judging by the score and yet according to Raul Laplacette: “No, no, we started a little worried after the others scored the first goal. We really had to make an effort to come back. Hublot is a strong team and you never know what can happen on the field. Here, because it’s smaller, you have to hit the ball hard and put pressure on the other team because it’s difficult to turn the game around just by dribbling.” Author of 3 goals, the Argentinian with the blue visorless helmet – “to see better” – moved easily on the field giving the impression of being in several places at once sending balls to his teammate Facundo Kelly, author of 4 goals. “It is thanks to the very fast horses that I can be everywhere. Apart from Lucas Labat, who came with his strong string, our team is mounted with the horses of Polo Park Zurich of Sebastien Le Page. They come from Martin Podesta, so they are very good and that will be our strength for the final.“A final in which they will face the second winning team of the day, Kielder Agro. A victory also obvious on paper, but less so on the field, especially since the number 2 of the green team, the talented Bautista Beguerie, injured his hand and had to be replaced in the second chukker by Fabio Bolantero, h4. However, this did not disturb the team, especially one of the two captains, Luca Meier, author of 4 goals. Their confident leader, Ezequiel Martinez-Ferrario (h7), therefore took control of this game from the beginning. “Tomorrow“, warns the Argentine, “we will have to remain vigilant. Clinique La Prairie is a good team with very good horses and it will definitely be a tough and beautiful final.” After that, Ezequiel “Gallego” Martinez will be back to his country with a big goal in mind: the qualifying tournament for the Argentine Open, the pinnacle of the polo world. Yet another proof that the players who play in Gstaad are some of the world’s best.Tomorrow, these two teams will face each other in the final at 3 pm after the “small final” at 1:30 pm. The visitors, already numerous today, will be able to enjoy the village with exhibitors, food trucks and activities for children from 11 am.

Teams and progressions
First game:Team Hublot: Henry Fielding Elser (h0); Goffredo Cutinelli-Rendina (h3), 2 goals; Teo von Neufforge (h5), 1 goal; Pedro Fernandez Llorente (h5), 1 goalTeam Clinique La Prairie: Sébastien Le Page (h0), 1 goal; Lucas Labat (h5), 1 goal; Facundo Kelly (h3), 4 goals; Raul Laplacette (h6), 3 goals

Progression Clinique La Prairie :
(avantage ½ goal pour Hublot) 2/1½ – 5/1½ – 8/2½ and 9/ 4½

Second game:

Team Gstaad Palace: Cedric Schweri (h0); Joao Novaes (h5) 3 goals; Tomi Astelarra (h3); Dario Musso (h5)

Team Kielder Agro: Fabio Meier (h1); Luca Meier (h1), 4 goals, Bautista Beguerie (h5), 1 goal; Ezequiel Martinez-Ferrario (h7), 2 goals

Progression Kielder Agro: (avantage ½ goal pour Gstaad Palace) 2/0½ – 4/1½ – 5/2½ and 7/3½