Gardeners prepare the field for the prestigious “altitude” tournament

25 Jul 2023

Preparing a polo field is an art in itself: it must be supple, but not too soft, and react well enough to allow the horses to stop and turn quickly in complete safety. Since last spring – as they do every spring – the “gardeners” of Pierre Genecand’s team have been working hard to ensure that the green carpet will be perfect for the launch on August 17th.

Four teams will be competing for this prestigious trophy, and the tournament promises to be as surprising as it will be exciting (see the composition of the teams via the link and an interview with the headliner of this 2023 edition, Martin Aguerre Jr. in the linked press kit).

Four days of sport and glamour: three days of competition and one (Friday at 4:00 p.m.) dedicated to the spectacular team parade through the streets of Gstaad. Access to the games at the Gstaad/Saanen airport is free of charge, and everything is arranged to welcome families in the best possible conditions: catering, children’s play areas and access to the impressive exhibitors’ village.

Please note: Gstaad Palace team changes:


Peter CROMM – ALL – hcp. 0 (CAP)

Pedro F. LLORENTE – ARG hcp. 5

Teo von NEUFORGE – ALL – hcp. 5

Segundo CONDESSE – ARG – hcp. 4

There is also the opportunity to enjoy the indulgence of the lunch or the gala evening under the prestigious VIP tent. A privileged and gastronomic moment presented by Gstaad Palace: